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Adventure, relax and a lot of fun. These are the reasons why we chose Fantazia Resort for our two weeks’ holiday in Marsa Alam. When it comes to choose a resort in Egypt we always recommend to rely on a travel agency. If this is your first time on the Red Sea you can find here more tips and tricks.

Here below you’ll find our detailed reviewof Fantazia Resort: room, entertainment, services, food and much more…let’s go!

The view from our bedroom
The view from our bedroom


Rooms at Fantazia’s are big and comfortable. Inside our bedroom we had a huge cupboard, a suitcase rack, a dresser with a mirror, a small table, a TV, two armchairs and of course the bed. There’s also a safe where to put money and documents. We recommend you to put all your valuables inside the safe (also your phones, if you don’t need them).

The bathroom has everything you need. Soap is available in a dispenser and towels get substituted every day. You’ll be also given a card to get one free beach towel per person, every day.

Every room offers a terrace or a garden. Our bedroom was on the second floor so we had a big terrace with a table and two chairs. We used the terrace to hang out wet clothes, especially swimsuits and diving suits. The terrace also offered a wonderful view of the sea on the distance. 

All the rooms have air conditioning but our recommendation is to avoid switching them on if that’s not needed. They’re the main cause of sickness in these places, so make sure to use them properly to avoid the so called Tutankhamun’s curse (here you can find out more)

To sum up, rooms have everything you need for a great holiday 🙂

Fantazia Resort - Rooms
Fantazia Resort - Rooms


Food quality at Fantazia’s is very high. There are Italian cooks so we ate similarly to home. If you suffer any intolerance, you have to pay particular attention to the food you eat. Some hotels also offer a gluten-free menu. You have to verify that before booking.

Fantazia offers a great variety of food. Vegetables and fruits are fresh and cleaned, there are always pasta and rice and then you can choose among meats, fishes, cheeses and some typical foods. For breakfast you can have everything you want, from capuccino to croissant, from eggs to fruits.

We don’t particularly like desserts but if you love them you can choose among many amazing cakes based on creams and frutis. Don’t miss the cocoa cake, it’s wonderful 🙂

As far as drinks are concerned, you can have tea, milk and juice in the morning. Moreover, drinks (water, tea, coke, fruit juices…) are available all day long. If you want a coffee or some drinks in the evening, you can go to the bar in the hall. Waiters will serve you what you want.

During Egypt-themed days you can taste some typical foods. We had cous cous and some herbal infusions like hibiscus and karkadé. There are also desserts based on honey and dried fruits.

Fantazia Restaurant by the sea
Fantazia Restaurant by the sea


Fantazia Resort has three wonderful swimming pools. One of them is reserved to “plus” customers and it is required a specific bracelet to use it. The two main pools, instead, can be used for free. There’s a pool, the one you see in the picture below, with colder water and a second one with warmer water and not too deep. That’s the one where kids can play all day long. There’s also a small area reserved to babies.

Swimming pools are the perfect place to spend windy days since there’s no sand flying around. By the pools you can get your free towel and you can use the beach loungers all day long.

Fantazia Resort - Marsa Alam
Fantazia Resort - Marsa Alam

There are also two bars next to the swimming pools. One small bar is in the middle of the pool so you can have your drinks also in the water. The other one is much bigger and it offers drinks all day long and snacks. 

In the afternoon you can get pizza and focaccia. You absolutely have to try them! There are also tasty fruit juices.

Restaurant next to the pool
Restaurant next to the pool


The hotel’s beach is fantastic. As many other resorts of the Red Sea, Fantazia has a wharf that allows you to pass the coral reef and dive into deeper water.

At the same time, Fantazia offers direct access to the sea (which is not so common). On the long beach there are some limited areas where you can enter water without damaging the coral reef.

Direct access is perfect for people who can’t swim very well and for kids. You can easily walk and snorkel among colourful fishes and corals.

If you’re looking for a breathtaking view, you don’t need to go too far. Right in front of Fantazia Resort the coral reef is full of life (as you can see from the shot below). Don’t forget snorkeling equipment! It’s a must to to take part in the sea excursions. In this article we are listing the must do Red Sea excursions, don’t miss it! Equipent can also be rent, but if you’re planning several trips it can get pretty expensive.

Red Sea - Coral Reef
Red Sea - Coral Reef


Fantazia’s staff is mainly Egyptian but entertainment is organized by Bravo Club. There’s also a dedicated club for non Italian kids so if you’re not Italian, don’t worry. Entertainers will organize activities all day long so that your children can have fun together.

Bravo Entertainment was amazing. Games and tournaments on the beach, acqua gym, dances, music, themed days and shows every night. There’s a huge variety of activities so that you can’t get bored. Anyway, if you rather stay on your own there’s a so called “do not disturb” area on the beach where entertainers won’t bother you. All entertainers were friendly and polite. We highly recommend you to see the shows in the theater in the evening. They’re wonderful.

While we were there there was a show dedicated to Freddy Mercury which was amazing.

Bravo Club - Fantazia
Bravo Club - Fantazia


Fantazia resort offers free access to the gym and paid access to the SPA. The gym is well equipped and if you like to train during your holidays it is perfect. We suggest you to go there early in the morning or in the evening so that it’s not too hot.

Next to the gym there’s a SPA which offers different services: hot tub, sauna, massages, hammam, scrubs…

Staff is well trained and you can choose the massage that best suits you. There are also some typical massages like the one with salt: you basically get buried in salt 🙂 We did not try it but some friends said it was amazing!

Fantazia - Garden
Fantazia - Garden


Not far from the beach you will find the diving center. 

Every week staff gives you the chance to try diving equipment in the swimming pool for free. If you’re interested, you can then subscribe to diving lessons to get your diving licence. Loris during our two weeks’ holiday obtained his licence.

He had to take a theory test and he made some practice doing excursions with professional divers.

Diving center also plans several excursions that you can join. You can go to see dolphins, turtles, dugongs and the most beautiful beaches of Marsa Alam. Here you can see all our favourite Red Sea trips. You should definetely try them!

Red Sea - Dolphins
Red Sea - Dolphins


In addition to all the wonderful excursions planned by the diving center, Fantazia Resort plans a few trips to some of the most attractive places in Egypt like Luxor and Aswan. Fantazia is pretty far from these locations so it takes a while to reach them by bus. They usually leave very early in the morning in order to avoid hottest hours of the day.

Staff also offers the chance to make tours in the desert, both with camels and quads. We chose the quad tour. During the ride we saw some particular natural sculptures in the middle of the desert and we tasted karkadé inside a tent with local people. Staff is very friendly and they will take you all the pictures you want.

If you are lucky and it is not cloudy, you will see an amazing twilight among the dunes! 

Don’t miss our list of the must do excursions and let us know your thoughts.

Quad Tour in the desert
Quad Tour in the desert

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