Florence - "La Primavera" by Botticelli

Visiting Florence’s attractions with no queues and saving money? FirenzeCard is the solution. This is a pass to more than 70 highlights including museums, churches and galleries. 

Where’s the catch? Keep on reading to find out if FirenzeCard is actually the most convenient option for you.

FirenzeCard - Tondo Doni at Uffizi Gallery
FirenzeCard - Tondo Doni at Uffizi Gallery

How does Florence’s pass work?

The whole process is pretty simple. Here’s a quick sum up:

Purchase: FirenzeCard can be booked online on the official website before your arrival. You can also buy it on-site, at authorized retailers.

Format: When purchasing the pass online, you’ll have to download the app and you’ll immediately get the digital card and the purchase code. If you want the physical paper card, you can show the purchase code at the retailers and they should provide you the card.

Activation: The pass becomes active when you first use it. Remember that each attraction can be only visited once.

Validity: 72 hours starting from the activation.

Kids and Teens: Under 18 y/o do not need the FirenzeCard. They authomatically take advantage of the parents’ cards. If you are interested in visiting Florence with kids do not miss our 5 must do.

Queues: Florence’s card allows you to skip the queue. It also gives you access without reservations to all the moments except Galleria dell’Accademia, Uffizi Gallery and Brunelleschi Dome. To visit these places you will need to book tickets in advance. If you are looking for info about tickets and costs, don’t miss our dedicated post.

Guided tours: Remember that card does not include guides.

Basilica di Santa Maria Novella
Basilica di Santa Maria Novella

Is FirenzeCard worth it?

FirenzeCard costs 85 € and it gives access to more than 70 attractions.

To calculate if this is convenient for you, you must think of the museums you would like to visit based on the duration of your stay.

If, like us, you only have 2 days FirenzeCard is not worth it. You will save money buying the individual tickets for the museums you are interested in. Moreover, if you are travelling in low season there is no long queue and therefore the advantages of this Florence’s pass would be useless.

FirenzeCard is conveniente for longer holidays in the city since you’ll have time to visit more highlights. 

In our guide you will find a sum up of the main highlights with prices and locations. You can easily find out what you would like to see. If you are spending only a few days in Florence, do not miss our itinerary in 10 stops.

FirenzeCard - statue inside Uffizi Gallery
FirenzeCard - statue inside Uffizi Gallery

FirenzeCard +

The FirenzeCard + adds these two services to the standard pass:

  • – museum guides
  • – use of buses and trams

The cost of FirenzeCard + is 92€.

This solution is particularly convenient for people staying outside old town.

Florence - Entrance of Boboli Gardens
Florence - Entrance of Boboli Gardens

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