Travelling with kids can be really difficult. In our short stay in Florence we collected different opinions and now we’re sharing with you the list of the top 5 suitable attractions for kids. Below you’ll find some details concerning location and cost of the suggested places (remember that prices might change). We recommend you to include these attractions within Florence itinerary to make it enjoyable also for the little ones.

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1) Boboli gardens

The perfect place to rest after a long day among museums. Why? These gardens offer endless spaces to run and play. The park is full of sculptures, mazes and vegetation where kids can certainly have fun.

WHERE: Piazza de’ Pitti, 1

PRICE: Full ticket 6€ and reduced (less than 18 years old and university students) 2€.

Giardini di Boboli - Statua
Giardini di Boboli - Statua


For all the little fans of science, astronomy and physics this museum is perfect. Galileo Museum collects all the tools used in the past to test world’s brightest minds’ theories: from Galilei’s heliocentric theory to Archimedes’ water studies.

Small tip: when travelling with kids, make sure to visit the Museum’s website prior to your visit. In fact, the museum plans different days entirely dedicated to families with games, guided tours and activities. Prices are reasonable but you have to book with a bit of advance. Kids will certainly enjoy this way of learning science.

WHERE: Piazza Giudci, 1

PRICE: Free entry for less than 6 years old kids (extra activity excepted), reduced (6-18 years) 6€ and full tickets 10€.


Completely free and guaranteed fun. For all the superstitious out there, we recommend a short stop at the fountain of the little pig (which, actually, it is a boar 🙂 ). It is said that you just need to rub the animal’s face to get a bit of luck. The bravest ones can challenge their fortune by letting a coin slip on the tongue of the statue and hope it falls into the grate below.

WHERE: Mercato Nuovo Square

PRICE: Well, the lucky coin, of course!

Fontana del Porcellno
Fontana del Porcellno


Fan of dinosaurs? The Geology and Paleontology section of the Natural History Museum will be your ideal attraction. The fossils and the archaeological remains will guide you through all the geological eras.

WHERE: Via Giorgio la Pira, 4

PRICE: Full ticket 6€, reduced 3€. There is also the family ticket option 13 €


When it’s sunny and warm, there’s nothing better than walk through the streets of Florence to discover a series of squares, parks and monuments totally free. Just an example is the wonderful Piazza della Signoria where the Loggia dei Lanzi is a open air art gallery. In this square you can also admire a copy of Michelangelo’s beautiful David.
If you love walking, we suggest you to visit the south of the river, full of parks and green spaces. You can enjoy an ice cream on a bench facing Ponte Vecchio.

Ponte Vecchio
Ponte Vecchio

If you visited Florence with kids, leave your comments here below!

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