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Carousel at Hyde Park during Winter Wonderland - London

If you love Christmas’ atmospheare, London’s Winter Wonderland is a place you must visit.

Carousels, markets and many attractions to spend a wonderful day with your family and friends.

In this article you’ll find all the useful information to enjoy your visit to the park. Also have a look at our video made inside Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2019. Here it is:


London Winter Wonderland takes place every year at the South-East corner of Hyde Park.

To easily arrive there, get the Piccadilly Line up to Hyde Park Corner stop. You’ll find yourself in front of Queen Elizabeth Gate, one of the entrances of Hyde Park. Then, cross the gate and reach the river Serpentine. On your right you’ll see one of the entrances of Winter Wonderland.

Note that staff might indicate you a different entrance due to logistic organization. We recommend you to visit official website of the Park before getting there just to make sure to be in the right place. You can book your tickets in advance or you can enter freely when you get there. We’ve been there on Christmas Eve’s morning and there was no queue but if you want to visit the park in the afternoon or in the evening, it is better to reserve your tickets.

To get more info about Hyde Park and other London’s gardens, have a look at this article. You’ll find everything you need!


Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is divided into different themed areas. Among our favorites there are Santa Land, home of Santa Claus, and the Bavarian Village, built as a representation of a German village.

The whole Park is the ideal place for kids and, as you can see in our pictures and videos, there are games for all the ages. To play with the different attractions you will need to buy some coins (prices will be shown inside Winter Wonderland). With these special tokens you can enter the carousels and play the games you want. You will then gain more coins to keep playing.

There are several themed attractions, from Middle-Age’s castles to haunted houses, from fairytale’s landscapes to classical cartoons’ carousels. Children will love spending one day in this amazing place.

And don’t forget to book your special meeting with Santa Claus inside his house

However, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland is not only a place for kids.

In fact, inside this magical park you will find wonderful Christmas Markets with handmade original gifts (we saw paople making wooden angels while we were there). Also, you can taste typical food and listen to traditional songs.

Additionally, this park is most known for its ice skating ring and for the ice bar.

To plan these two activities you must book with months of advance since it’s impossible to find last minute tickets. Booking can be made on Winter Wonderland official website.

Here below you can see the video we made inside Hyde Park Winter Wonderland 2019. If you’re planning to spend some days in London, have a look at our article about London Eye!

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