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Londra in bici - parcheggio Santander

If you’re tired of underground and bus, consider touring London by bike. This is the funniest and cheapest way to move around the big city.

In this article you’ll find the information you need to know to hire a bike. We’re also sharing with you many tips to plan your journey.


Hiring a bike in London is super simple thanks to Santander system. All you have to do is find the nearest station and follow the instructions you’ll be provided. You can also download the free app to pay the service and to schedule your trip.

Hiring a bike for 24 hours costs 2£. You can pay through the app or at the bike station. Once you’ve paid, use the code to unlock your bike and start cycling 🙂 

Your destination must be another bike station where you can park your bicycle. If your journey lasts less than 30 minutes, you won’t have to pay for that. After reaching your destination you can visit the attractions by foot and then rent another bike to continue your tour. At every Santander dock you can also simply switch your bicycle in order to save money (remember that in order to save money, each journey should last less than 30 minutes).

Using Santander app you can get free and updated information about the nearest parking. In fact the app will show you the number of available parkings and bicycles. Moreover, Santander app offers a map of London city that you can use to plan the journey.

London by Bike - Santander
London by Bike - Santander


If you need some inspiration to plan your trip of London by bike, have a look at the tour we made. Keep on reading to find all the details.

Il nostro tour di Londra in bici
Il nostro tour di Londra in bici

Our journey started from Earls Court, where our hotel was. We found the nearest dock and we began our trip for which we spent only 2£!

  • Earls Court – Holland Park : the first stop of our tour was this wonderful garden that we toured by foot. To see all the details about London’s parks, see our article.
  • Holland Park – Notting Hill : we went North to visit Notting Hill and Portobello Road. The coloured houses of this area are peculiar and if you’re fans of “Notting Hill” movie you can’t miss a stop by.
Notting Hill
Notting Hill
  • Notting Hill – Kensington Garden : we reached Kensington Garden for lunch and we had a pic-nic there. The park is really worth a visit and you can choose to tour it by foot or by bike. We spent a few hours inside this green area to visit the Italian gardens and Peter Pan’s monument (click here to find out everything you can see inside London’s gardens).
  • Kensington Garden – Hyde Park : next to Kensigton Garden you will find Hyde Park. We decided to tour this huge park by bike to see it all. If you are in London at Christmas you should visit Winter Wonderland. Here you can get all the information.
  •  Hyde Park – Natural History Museum : While going to our hotel we stopped by the Natural History Museum, which we would visit the following day. This is a must see if you’re travelling with kids. It’s definetely the best museum we’ve ever seen so far.
  • Natural History Museum – Kensington – Earls Court : On our way home we crossed Kensington district. High white houses and private gardens are typical of this area. It looks like being on Mary Poppins or Peter Pan movie set.
Albert Memorial by bike
Albert Memorial by bike

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