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Natura Viva Park - Tiger

In Bussolengo, next to Verona, you can find the amazing Natura Viva Park. 40 hectares that are the home of more than 250 wild species. This wonderful garden is made of a safari park that you can tour with your own car and a fauna park that you can visit by foot. Inside the park there’s also dinosaurs’ section.

Today we’re sharing with you all the info you need to visit this park! You’ll also find many tips and tricks to enjoy your trip 🙂

Entrance of Natura Viva Park
Entrance of Natura Viva Park

The perfect trip

Natura Viva zoo is not just for kids.

This park is the ideal destination for everyone who wants to enjoy a trip surrounded by nature. Spaces are huge and the park is divided into thematic areas based on continents so you will discover our planet from Africa to Oceania, from Asia to America and Europe.

During your tour you will meet all the inhabitants of our beautiful planet. Each animal has a name, a story and habits that you will get to know thanks to signs and staff’s explainations. Moreover, Natura Viva organizes a series of activities so called “active animals” (“animali in azione” in Italian). Keep on reading to find out everythin about them!

If you’re travelling with kids, remember that at the entrance of the park there’s also a dedicated area where they can play. Staff sometimes organizes activities for kids so have a look at the official website to read the most recent updates.

Antelopes at Safari Park
Antelopes at Safari Park

“Active animals” – Animali in Azione at Natura Viva Park

During Natura Viva tour you will frequently hear announcements from the speaker. No worries 🙂 Natura Viva schedules a series of daily activities, called “animali in azione”, dedicated to our little friends. You can find a calendar on Natura Viva website and also at the entrance of the Fauna Park. 

To take part to the activities (about 8-10 per day) you just have to show up at the indicated time by the cage they communicate.

What are the activities proposed? There are many. You’ll have the chance to see staff feeding animals. You can also meet members of the staff telling you the story of a specific animal. Experts will answer to all your questions and they’ll tell you everything about life at Natura Viva. People working at Natura Viva are very professional and kind, they truly know and love the animals they take care of.

Natura Viva - Colored Parrots
Natura Viva - Colored Parrots

Safari Park

Safari Park is a must see when visiting Natura Viva. All you have to do is sit in your car and drive across the several open cages. You can take pictures and enjoy the tour with your kids.  In high season there are lots of tourists so you might have to wait a lot before moving. Just be patient. Animals are not running away 🙂

Maybe that’s obvious but we would like to highlight this: animals are animals. We have to respect them just as if they were in their natural habitat because the zoo is their home. This means that you must not feed animals and you must not disturb them. Therefore, don’t get too disappointed if lions are sleeping far far away or if cheetahs are not running in front of your car. They’re just trying to live their lives as they would do in natural habitat.

Natura Viva Park - Rhinoceros
Natura Viva Park - Rhinoceros

Practical tips to visit Natura Viva Park

What to bring:

First of all, if you booked your tickets in advance, which we highly recommend, remember to bring tickets with you. Staff will provide you a map of the Natura Viva park. You can also download the free app of Natura Viva where you can see a map of the park and all the information you need

Remember to wear a comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes. Visiting the park can take some hours so you won’t be comfortable in high heels (yes, we also saw that!)

Last but not least, do not forget a phone, a camera or whatever you need to take wonderful captures. 

Fauna Park - Tiger
Fauna Park - Tiger

Where to eat

To enjoy your trip, we suggest to have lunch inside the park. There are several pic-nic areas if you want to bring home-made food.

Otherwise, you can eat in one of the restaurants. There’s a good choice and prices are reasonable. During holidays you can also find some themed menus like the pumking-based menu we had on Halloween.

Ticket price for Natura Viva Park

Here you can find a few info concerning prices. Remember that babies from 0 to 5 can have a free entry.

Kids’ 6-12 years-old ticket costs 17€ during the week and 18 € during weekends and holidays.

Adults’ tickets cost 23€ from Monday to Friday and 25 € during weekeend and holidays.

Over 65 years-old tickets always cost 20 € 

Please notice that these are the prices valid at the time of our visit. Make sure to have a look at the official website for any update. Moreover, website keeps posting news and information about the park so keep looking at it before planning your trip.

Natura Viva Park - Meerkat
Natura Viva Park - Meerkat

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See you soon! 🙂

Sara & Loris, @TravellingMeerkats

Natura Viva - Swans
Natura Viva - Swans