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Are you planning your Red Sea holiday and you wonder what to do? Will it be too boring? Will you get annoyed? In this article we are answering to all your questions and doubts.

There’s no chance you’ll get tired of a Red Sea holiday 🙂

Here below we are listing the must do activities to fully enjoy your trip. Wheather you are travelling solo, with your partner, with your kids or friends, you will find the life-changing experience that best suits you


The simplest and cheapest activity you can do in Red Sea is snorkeling. The coral reef in this area is amazing and you can easily admire it even if you’re not very good swimmers.

Corals grow pretty close to the beach and colored fishes swim all around them. You can also see manta rays, morays, octopus and jellyfishes. Sea turtles, dugongs and dolphins are more difficult to see but there are some dedicated actitvities (keep on reading 🙂 )

Red Sea is the ideal place also for kids to learn to swim and snorkel since many resorts offer direct access to the sea. The view underwater is breathtaking.


Red Sea - Coral Reef


If you are looking for something different, our suggestion is to explore the desert by camel or quad. All the resorts offer these trips, especially in the evening to get to see twilight among the dunes.

We chose the quad tour organized by Fantazia Resort, in Marsa Alam. During the tour you can admire some peculiar natural sclulptures in the middle of the desert, have tea in a Bedouin tent and take some gorgeous pictuires at twilight.

It’s really super funny and it’s perfect if you are looking for an alternative to the seaside. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes that can easily be washed because during the ride you will get completely covered in sand and dirt.

Quad Tour in the desert


Almost every resort plans snorkeling experiences with sea animals. Since these are wild animals, you can never be sure to actually meet them but the chances to see sea turteles, dugongs and dolphins are pretty high.

Among the excursions offered by our hotel we selected Turtle Bay, a wonderful beach where sea turtles usually go to feed themselves. Sea turtles spend the majority of their time on the seabed eating algae. They need to breath only every quarter of hour so during the trip we patiently waited for them to reach the surface to see them closer.

If you are divers or if you’re planning to get a diving licence, you can easily get a closer view of these amazing creatures on the seabed.

Red Sea - Turtle Bay

We also chose the trip to the so called “Dolphin House”. This is an offshore place you can reach by dinghy where dolphins use to go with their babies, to feed and to play. The water was pretty cold since we were far away from the beach and we were given life jackets due to rough sea. Nevertheless, it was the best experience we’ve ever made! We super recommend it.

We were so lucky to find a pod of about fifty dolphins which swam around us and played all together. Dolphins are very curious so they tend to get pretty close. It is important not to scare or hurt them. This is a shot we took underwater.

Swim with dolphins - Marsa Alam


All the hotels offer some trips to desert island and archipelagos. This is the chance to admire Egypt’s natural beauty. During these tours you can discover remote lands and see amazing landscapes.

Exploring almost unknown places you can easily find different animals and plants, such and red and orange carbs or most rare fishes, such as stone fishes and morays.

We visited Hamata Archipelago and, as you can see below, the view is breathtaking.

Red Sea - Hamata Islands

If you like these activities, make sure to book the hotel that best suits your wishes. Among all Marsa Alam’s resorts, we chose Fantazia. Here you can find our complete review of this resort!

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Sara & Loris, @TravellingMeerkats