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Airplain to Tenerife

Is your trolley ready for your trip to Tenerife? Let’s find it out. Today we’re sharing with you our Tenerife packing list so that you can double-check if you have packed everything you need.

We’re listing here below the 6 must have for a one-week holiday. If you’re planning your holiday in this ever-spring island, don’t miss our itinerary. You can find it here. Also, if you need a small Spanish lesson before going to Tenerife, look at our post.

Airplain to Tenerife
Airplain to Tenerife

First of all a few details concerning TEMPERATURES. They say that it’s always spring in Canary Islands and that is 100% true. Temperatures in Tenerife go from 16 to 30 degrees and weather is usually sunny, especially by the seaside. You might find a colder weather on the heights (Mount Teide is 3713 meters high so air is pretty freezing on the top) and wet weather in the natural reserve.

Thanks to its warm weather, Tenerife is an ideal destination during the whole year.

Are you ready? Here’s the list of the 6 must have for a one week holiday to Tenerife. If your aim is touring the whole island, have a look at our guide to get some ideas! We also made a video that will show you our itinerary of the beautiful Tenerife!


Tenerife is very close to Morocco and sunlight can easily burn you, even if you have a medium-dark skin-tone. So don’t forget a high sunscreen (30-50 SPF).

Do not bring any after sun cream, though. Aloe naturally grows in Tenerife so there’s no better place to buy some aloe based products like gels and creams.


Due to its location, Tenerife is extremely windy. Wind that comes from Atlantic Ocean can be really cold so you’ll definetely need to wear a scarf both during the day and in the evening. Make sure to also include a sweatshirt in your Tenerife packing list. 

We found the Eastern coast to be the windiest. Therefore, if you’re travelling with kids, we would suggest the Southern West coast where you can find long beaches with white sand imported from Sahara.


If you’re looking for adventure, Tenerife is exactly what you need. Huge forests, colonial villages, sea excursions and of course Teide volcano. A comfortable pair of sneakers is a must! You can still wear high heels for a moonlight romantic dinner 😉 


That’s something that we learnt to late…unfortunately! The queues to reach the top of the island are very long so if you want to see Mount Teide and have a look at the whole island from a 3.718 meters height, you should book your tickets with months of advance.

The base of the volcano can be reached by car and then there’s a cable car (teleférico) that brings you to 3.555 m. You can get online tickets to skip hours and hours of queue with no risk of loosing your seat. Mount Teide is also a perfect observatory point. That’s why you’re offered the option to book the “cable car at sunset ticket”. We could not enjoy this experience since there were no seats left so, again, start buying your tickets NOW 🙂

For all hiking lovers there are also several paths to reach the pick by foot with a private guide. Remember that to reach the very top of the volcano (3.718 m.) you’ll need a special free permit released by the Natural Park with months of advance. Also this permit can be easily get online.

Teide National Park
Teide National Park


Atlantic Ocean’s water is pretty cold. We’re used to warm Mediterannean water and this was our very first time in the ocean…pretty freezing! That is why you might need to add a wet suit in your Tenerife packing list.

If you decide to try jet-ski or to go watching dolphins and whales you’ll have the chance to snorkel far from the coast and water temperature can be really cold. Also, do not forget your snorkel mask. Ocean is full of fishes and crabs but watch out sea urchins!


To tour the whole island, you’ll definitely need to rent a car. This will allow you to travel independently without spending too much. There are several companies that offer good prices. We chose CICAR to rent a FIAT 500 for the entire week.

Remeber: gas stations can be found mainly on the coast and in big cities. If you move into the national park or the natural serve, make sure to have enough engine!

And now…you’re ready to enjoy your trip!

Tenerife Natural Reserve
Tenerife Natural Reserve

Share with us your opinion about Tenerife packing list, we’ll be glad to read your feedback!

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